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Old Rectory Spa provides a unique, exclusive spa experience that you won't find anywhere else. Housed in a stunning old Rectory, you can expect a beautiful, serene and calming spa experience with open rural views and private luxury spa facilities.
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Spa Use Disclaimer

Use of the hot tub, sauna and steam room can be a pleasurable and relaxing experience. However, for your safety and enjoyment, there are strict rules and guidelines that must be adhered to when using these facilities.

This is an important health and safety legal requirement and therefore please read the below terms and conditions in full: 

  1. Use of the hot tub is at your own risk. In the unlikely event that you develop a medical condition or experience severe side effects as a result of the use of hot tub and/or sauna/steam room, we do not accept any responsibility. 
  2. Extreme caution must be exercised when walking around the hot tub and sauna/steam room areas as surfaces may be slippery. Please take particular care when getting into and out of the hot tub. 
  3. Do not use drugs or alcohol before or during hot tub use. This may lead to an increased risk of drowning. 
  4. Do not use our facilities if you suffer from any skin diseases, infectious diseases, or have any cuts and wounds. 
  5. Persons using medication should consult their doctor before using the hot tub and/or sauna/steam room. Some medications may cause drowsiness. Do not use the facilities if your medication induces drowsiness, affects your heart rate, blood pressure or circulation.
  6. Pregnant women and persons suffering from obesity, heart disease, low or high blood pressure, circulatory problems, or diabetes should consult a doctor before using the facilities. 
  7. You will have been asked to complete a form about any medical conditions you may suffer from. If your medical information has changed since completion of the form, it is your responsibility to inform your therapist prior to treatment. 
  8. Do not use the hot tub/sauna/steam room after eating a heavy meal. 
  9. Do not submerge your head or swallow water, contact lens wearers are advised that exposing contact lenses to water may increase the risk of eye infection.
  10. Do not jump into the hot tub. 
  11. Do not use glasses or mugs in the hot tub/sauna/steam room. 
  12. Please ensure you use the toilet and shower thoroughly to remove any excess oils or products before using the hot tub.
  13. Do not exceed 20mins in the hot tub/sauna/steam room as too much heat exposure can lead to nausea, dizziness and fainting due to dehydration. Please ensure you drink plenty of water to rehydrate. 
  14. Chemicals used in the hot tub may discolour some metals and swimwear. 
  15. Smoking is not permitted in or around the hot tub.
  16. Please exercise extreme caution in the steam unit, as the steam outlet is at floor level. The steam outlet is clearly labelled, DO NOT cover the steam outlet or place any body parts in front of the outlet when the steam unit is turned on. 
  17. Any treatment undertaken whilst at the spa is at your own risk, we cannot accept responsibility for any adverse reactions to treatment. 
  18. The spa cannot accept any responsibility for loss of or damage to possessions whilst using the facilities. Cars are parked at the owners risk. 

By booking the spa you understand and agree to abide by the above terms and conditions. You may be asked to sign a disclaimer upon arrival.


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